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There is a park at the centre of the ancient Japanese capital of Nara. Home to over 1,200 species of sika deer, it was once believed that these deer were considered sacred due to a visit from one of the four gods of Kasuga Shrine, Takenomikazuchi-no-mikoto.

A popular tourist attraction, the deer have learned from the many visitors to this once sacred park that in order to request food, they must bow their heads. This polite act is often rewarded with a Shika-senbei, or a deer cracker.

It’s little things like this that keep a smile on my face.

Super cute…

…Until they notice you have crackers.


I’ve told this story a few times, but I went to the deer park in Nara while I was studying abroad in Kyoto. 

Long story short, I bought the deer crackers, got swarmed by over a dozen of them (the girl who took the pictures actually got knocked out of the way by a deer after the second shot) and ended up with deer bite welts on my ass for two weeks. Those two fuckers on the right, man…

Though funny thing, they bow, and if you don’t give them the cracker, they bow again and headbutt you :|

My friend was in Japan a few weeks ago and visited Nara.
She bowed to them and got headbutted and her  bag ripped from her shoulder. 
I’ve heard so many stories like the one above and my friends. Every time I see these posts about the deer in Nara being so kind and polite always make me laugh. 


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Babys first fursuit head. (wip)
Me and my friend decided we where going to go to further confusion a few weeks back. 
We should hang out if you are going 0:  

Playboy Bunny Girl Tumblr Gang 2012 - “Rabbito Panchi Lou”, 

Sketch for yoyonaki's bunnygirl mafia thing U//n//U I'll scan and clean it up better later.

Just light me on fire and destroy my life.
I’m done living... 


Lil animation pressie for phoski.

Happy Birthday!

;w;  thank you aaaaaa <3333


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My girlfriend got me an early birthday gift yesterday.

Motorcity oc.